Thursday, April 11, 2013

Transplanting lettuce

For a week, every time I walked past the lettuce, it yelled at me. It was all tangled and crammed together and needed to be transplanted, separated out so each plant could grow. More importantly, my wife and I have been eating store-bought insecticide- and herbicide-laced (not to mention, over-hyphenated) lettuce like rabbits

Yesterday, I finally transplanted some plants. Here are some photos to prove it happened.

Marvel of Four Seasons fighting each other for nutrients, moisture, and light.

 The Red Salad Bowl lettuce was a tangled mess.

To keep as much of the roots intact as possible, I wet the soil, then wiggled the plants lose...

then planted them in an appropriate container that we had saved in the past few months.

At first, the transplants were wilty and wimpy, but after a day under the lights and a generous helping of water, they've bounced back. Looks like we'll need more containers and more friends to help us eat all this lettuce.

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